A Voice Of Grace For A World Free Of Injustice And Suffering

Grace V Self-Esteem Book

Inspired Parables That Point To Grace. Happiness And The Kingdom Of God.

  • Understand the true nature of Self-Esteem
  • Discover how Grace and Self-Esteem are in conflict

Learn how the self-esteem philosophy has become a counterfeit of the gospel of grace? See what stops us loving God and others? Discover how the self-esteem teaching makes us; arrogant, self absorbed, greedy, depressive, abusive and loveless.

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The message of Grace v Self-Esteem is as urgent as climate change and gives us insight into the radical and maybe painful changes needed to arrest and reverse our cultural and social slide into Armageddon. Congratulations on an awesome and truly God inspired book.
Dr Vernon Vivian

The Grace Revolution

We dream of a day when the number one priority in education is grace not self-esteem.

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We look to our schools as places of learning and enlightenment. However, if we carefully examine some of the teaching content and methods we find very few schools who educate based on Jesus' values and teachings.

Since the 1950's, a powerful and great lie became the central pillar of world education. When I say this most think about the teaching of evolution without a creator, but there is a far greater more dangerous lie.

It's found in modern self-esteem teachings and it directly opposes Jesus' teachings. The Self-Esteem lie attacks the spiritual heart of a child which conditions them to seek their own value in social praise instead of finding it in the grace of God.

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Brett Glover

Brett Glover

Brett Glover is a theologian who writes with one eye on the kingdom of God and the other on social and world affairs. He is the founder of In2Grace, which advocates for issues of social justice through grace. Brett has served as a Pastor, Manager of a residential Youth and Family Therapy Program as well as spending time in the business world.